BCX-DJ is a simple to use, rock solid playout program that will work on Windows XP and Vista .


To give you an idea of the ease of which it can be used, one of our newest radio clients is a radio station in Norwich that encourages locals, including teenagers, to become part of the presentation team.


Within minutes of being shown how to use it, these inexperienced volunteers are making radio programmes and contributing to their local community'







Barrcode Limited is the company behind BCX which is one of the most versatile and best loved music playout systems in the UK and around the world. BCX software has evolved from broadcast software developed some 15 years ago which is why it is one of the most multi-functional, stable, cost-effective playout systems available to audio professionals today. In fact, over 40% of the UK audience hear their radio through BCX software.


BCX DJ is the latest version of its big radio cousin that retains much of the functionality of the professional radio playout version. It is a special customised version adapted especially for both mobile and club DJs and anyone who needs to assemble music easily into playlist.


You may draw some sense of our BCX DJ' success and popularity from the list of users to the right.



BCX-DJ allows the DJ to become the performer and entertain, without being distracted by looking for the next song.


BCX-DJ makes life easier! It will play wav, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files and any DJ can instantly play music and make playlists. You can make a list of songs that you know will get people dancing which can be saved for use again and again. At the same time your basic list can be easily modified as people ask for songs. New titles can be picked from your database and dropped into your basic playlist - customising it as often as you like.



File Formats :

BCX DJ can play the following file formats:


  • Uncompressed Linear WAV files
  • Compressed MP3 files (128 through to 320 kbps)
  • The new Ogg Vorbis compressed file format



Linear (uncompressed) WAV files take up the most space on a hard drive but is the top quality standard used for broadcast. An external hard drive of 300Gb can esily contain 8,000 songs on it - with room to spare even with most of the files in WAV format. With the cost of hard drives dropping all the time, (a 500 Gb HD is now under £70) and many DJ's are choosing to keep their songs in WAV format for best quality.

Others are happy with smaller (compressed) MP3 quality, simply because it is hard to hear the difference on many PA systems. Ogg Vorbis is the new broadcast standard way of compressing audio, and is an excellent alternative to wav, should hard drive capacity be limited.





BCX-DJ is now at the bargain price of ONLY £129.95 including VAT

New BCX-DJ product is now in BETA test which will turn your software into a radio streamer with titling. Click HERE to sample the test in WinAmp or visit the WEB SITE for more listening options.

Debenhams has started their own in store radio network utilising BCX.

Our latest commission is recording software for the ITV Network. The technology behind BCX-DJ is well trusted by some of the biggest brand names. A list of clients that Barrcode has serviced over the past 10 years can be found at: www.barrcode.com

JB sports has joined the list of retailers utilising BCX Technology for in store radio.




Are you a BCX DJ user? if you are why not add your roadshow's web address below? E-mail us your details to users@bcx-dj.com


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